Case Study: F

We were skeptics about every possible therapy and route that was available out there to help our little girl.  The mere use of terms like “treatment” was upsetting for us parents.

After deciding to give RDI® a shot and encouraged by Bimal to read and understand more about the program, we began to see hope and hard work was no longer a barrier.

We took to the program very quickly. Slowly but surely, with nothing less than consistency and constant guidance from Bimal, we got our little girl back. Our daughter’s turn around was tremendous, we could not be more grateful for anything. Till today, we are equipped with skills and still learning new ways to keep and maintain that relationship every parent dreams of having with their children. Thank you REACh Therapy and Bimal.

F’s Presentation

In 2014, F presented as a 2 year 8 month girl who was on the Autism Spectrum as she displayed little communicative intent, rigid and inflexible behaviour which was characterised by a need for sameness in the environment. F presented with lots of dysregulatory verbal behaviour where she would echo, parrot and script after others and as well as what she had heard on the television, You Tube and musical programs. She was extremely controlling and resistant to any form of guidance from her parents and breakdowns and temper tantrums were the norm in the household.

Initial Goals for F


There was a strong emphasis on the need to cut F’s exposure to perseverative static information and the family did just that by stopping her exposure to music, songs and programs. This also entailed not sending her to school during the first year and a half of their program so that she was not exposed to environments which were highly stimulating. In the process the family was also encouraged to cut down on their verbal communication with F and to be as non-verbal as possible with her as there was a need to reverse her verbal dysregulation.

Flexibility Training

The family were encouraged to do things differently to encourage F to be more accepting of changes in the environment (e.g. taking different routes to the supermarket, not always getting off on the same floor where their apartment was concerned, not sticking to specific routines in their lifestyle)

Regulating F

This involved setting patterns where the focus was on making sure that F would self regulate within the co-regulation with her parents. Boundaries were set to build on her apprenticeship with her parents while her social communication skills and mindfulness was worked on too.


F attended and completed her preschool years at a mainstream Montessori school. Whilst at preschool the teachers were surprised to know she was on the Autism Spectrum. In 2020 she transitioned from preschool to a mainstream school and has been managing well.