Our Vision

  • To help individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, and other related conditions, such as ADHD, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties function to the best of their ability.
  • To educate families on issues to be mindful of when they feel their child is plateauing or hitting a roadblock with current therapies.
  • To provide families with a roadmap to move their child forward
  • To empower parents so they can understand their child’s needs thereby enabling them to successfully manage/engage with their child.
REACh vision and mission

Our Logo


We chose turquoise as the main colour of the logo as it has a calming effect. Turquoise also signifies the depth of knowledge and understanding we have of children with special needs.

The larger circle symbolizes the parent, and the smaller circle the child. The closeness of the circles shows the bond that REACh strives to foster between parents and their child with special needs through intervention.

The choice of green to represent the child stands for the gradual growth we see in the child through his/her interactions with his parents under the guidance of REACh.

The line that runs under the logo represents the support REACh Therapy Services provides as a pro-active and professional consultancy service for families.