School Observation

School Observations are useful in obtaining a snapshot of what your child is like within the school setting.

If you are concerned about certain behaviours that your child is, or is not, exhibiting, you can request for a school observation. Our professional will observe your child in the class and school environment for a couple of hours. During this time the following will be taken note of:

  • How your child interacts with the teacher and students
  • Obstacles in the environment that could be working against your child
  • Behavioural issues and factors that may be contributing to the concerns
  • Whether goals in the I.E.P. (if any) are being met

After the period of observation has ended, a meeting is held with teachers and parents to give feedback on the observations made. Recommendations are offered on how to help your child have a more fulfilling experience at school.

Confident student raises her hand during science class

Process for a School Observation


Family to contact Form Teacher to request for a School Observation

REACh to email school regarding purpose of school observation, date and time of observation.

Observation is conducted.

A meeting is held to provide feedback and recommendations to teachers and family.