About Reach Therapy

REACh Therapy Services specializes in helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as individuals with neuro-developmental issues, i.e. ADHD, Developmental Delay and certain Learning Difficulties. Our focus is the core issues and deficits facing children with special needs which can act as obstacles to their progress.

Central to this approach is our belief in educating and empowering families with the relevant information, research and intervention strategies to better guide them to make informed decisions in terms of their child’s intervention program.

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Our Services

consultation our services


A Consultation is usually the first step parents take to finding out what they can do to help their child. During the session our psychologist will observe your child and ask you questions about your child and the goals of the family.

assessment our services

Assessment & Diagnosis

A Psychological Assessment is comprised of a series of tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client’s behavior to arrive at a diagnosis or to build a profile of their capabilities and personality.

Intervation our services


Intervention refers to the treatment which is carried out on a regular basis. The intervention approach is geared towards addressing the needs of your child from a developmental level.

Relationship Development Intervention

Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®)

Developed by Dr Steven Gutstein and Dr Rachelle Sheely, the RDI® program is based on over 20 years of research by experts on the typical development of the human brain and scientific studies on individuals with Autism.

School Observation

Educational Intervention Programme

A group intervention programme for children with moderate to severe special needs. The focus is on academic learning within an environment most suited to children with Autism to foster self-regulation and flexibility.

Public Speaking and training

Public Speaking & Training

Public education is vital to creating greater awareness of the challenges individuals with special needs face. It helps to open people’s minds and dispel myths.

Our Process

The intervention programs we provide are conducted at our Centre. Parents are encouraged to be present during the intervention sessions and participate to better understand the challenges their child faces and how to help them.

The intervention program and advice rendered is customized based on the unique needs of your child and the overall functioning of your family.


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Case Studies

Case Study: J

Our son, J was diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 3 years 10 months by Bimal in 2009. In 2009, J presented as a child would initiate but only for his needs. he was highly resistant to his parental guidance and this was exhibited by his controlling and disengaging...

Case Study: F

We were skeptics about every possible therapy and route that was available out there to help our little girl. The mere use of terms like “treatment” was upsetting for us parents. After deciding to give RDI® a shot and encouraged by Bimal to read and understand more about the program, we began to see hope...

Case Study: Y

We first met Bimal in October 2007, when our son, Y, had just turned 5. By that time we had already been studying autism for more than one year. Due to limited information and resources as well as almost zero services for autistic kids in our country, all...

Getting Started

If you suspect your child may have difficulties or delay; your child’s teacher has expressed concern about your child’s developmental progress and/or learning ability; and/or a doctor or therapist has recommended your child seeks professional help, then take the next step and fill in our webform to find out how we can assist you.

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