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REACh Therapy Services specializes in helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as individuals with neuro-developmental issues, i.e. ADHD, Developmental Delay and certain Learning Difficulties. Our focus is the core issues and deficits facing children with special needs which can act as obstacles to their progress.

Central to this approach is our belief in educating and empowering families with the relevant information, research and intervention strategies to better guide them to make informed decisions in terms of their child’s intervention program.

The intervention programs we provide are conducted at our Centre at 140 Bukit Timah Rd, #02-00 (a 10-minute walk from Newton MRT). Parents are involved in the intervention program to help the child progress. The intervention program and advice rendered is customized based on the unique needs of your child and the overall functioning of your family.

about REACh
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REACh was established for three reasons:


To educate parents of children with special needs on the necessary steps forward from a developmental and neurological point of view so that other therapies can be useful and productive later on.

This comes from our frustration of seeing children with special needs not making the necessary gains in spite of the multiple therapies that they may be undergoing.


To equip our children with special needs with the capability to better experience their day to day life as we address their core issues which can act as their obstacles.

We have seen children plateau with other therapies as a result of core deficits not being remediated in the first place.


To help parents foster a better relationship with their child.

It is always heartening to see both parents and child share a genuine moment together without depending on rewards or treats.
—Bimal Rai


“Our family has been working with Bimal since 2014. Before we started with Bimal, our lives and schedules revolved around our son's erratic moods and unpredictable outbursts. Our son G, who was diagnosed with Autism, had gone through close to 4 years of behavioural therapy yet, he remained disconnected from us and unsettled. Working with Bimal has taught us to take charge as effective guides to our son by learning to slow down, being more mindful in our interaction with our son and seeing the value in the process rather than the result. We are more confident in managing our son's outbursts and no longer fret whenever we go out to have meals with G.

Through Bimal, we gained a better understanding of our family dynamics and how it affects our children. We continue to benefit from Bimal's guidance, encouragement, advice, and support for our children both at home and at school.”

Parent of GSon currently at RDI program

“We were skeptics about every possible therapy and route that was available out there to help our little girl. The mere use of terms like “treatment” was upsetting for us parents.

After deciding to give RDI® a shot and encouraged by Bimal to read and understand more about the program, we began to see hope and hard work was no longer a barrier. We took to the program very quickly. Slowly but surely, with nothing less than consistency and constant guidance from Bimal, we got our little girl back. ”

Parent of FDaughter currently at RDI Program

“In 2009, J presented as a child would initiate but only for his needs. he was highly resistant to his parental guidance and this was exhibited by his controlling and disengaging behaviour where attempts would be made to terminate from the interaction. J would also not initiate any form of interaction with his parents. ”

Parent of J
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