Classroom Management Training

Managing a preschool classroom nowadays can be made all the more challenging where there are greater learning needs which are to be met. We recognise it is not just learning challenges which teachers must deal with but also behavioural issues which can cause disruption to the classroom and learning. To help support teachers better, we provide a training program whereby Bimal works and guides teachers (in the classroom) to better manage students.

The training provides teachers with an in depth understanding of the various conditions that children with special needs can present and strategies which can be used to manage our children.

The regular on-the-job training has helped teachers improve their classroom management style and interaction with students, especially our children with special needs or children who display certain behavioural traits which are counter-productive in class. After receiving the training, teachers have reported that they have felt the children who have special needs are calmer and more settled which inadvertently helped improve their academic performance. Another positive outcome was greater compliance and awareness from the children under their care.

By the end of the on-the-job training, teachers have a better idea of how to identify students who may have challenges and the strategies which can be used to better support the child. For children with special needs, the teachers have reported that they felt more empowered and confident in managing these children on a daily basis as they are equipped with knowledge and the “know-how” to improve the children’s functioning and learning.


Learning Support Program (LSP)

The Learning Support Program (LSP) was introduced to provide regular and ongoing support to pre-schoolers who would benefit from additional academic and/or behavioural support within the preschool environment. We work with preschoolers who have limitations and/or behavioural tendencies which impede their learning, e.g. developmental/cognitive challenges, inattentiveness, inability to sit for long periods of time, etc.. Sessions are one-to-one or paired groups.

We have found preschoolers who receive early intervention in a structured and individually tailored program are better prepared for primary one. The earlier they begin the program after behavioural/learning difficulties have been identified the better the outcome in terms of their readiness for primary school.

Developmental Support Program (DSP)

The DSP offers assistance, within the preschool setting, to children who are four years and under. Our attention is on providing additional support for preschoolers who are encountering difficulty in terms of managing themselves behaviourally and those who are not reaching certain developmental milestones.

The areas we focus on are listed below and assist preschoolers with their social/emotional and learning needs as they grow:

  • Developmental Milestones
  • Checking and Referencing Others
  • Self-Regulation
  • Improving Concentration/Focus
  • On-Seat Behavior
  • Social Communication
  • Joint Attention
  • Appraisal of Ongoing Information