Our services are home-based. This means our Consultant will come to your home to conduct intervention, assessment, consultation, etc.. By seeing your child in the home environment we can:

  • See your child in his/her natural environment
  • Integrate the goals of the intervention objectives into the home environment
  • Troubleshoot problem behaviour that exists, or may arise, and use the appropriate strategies to manage them
  • For families who live in other countries we conduct intervention by distance.


A Consultation is usually the first step parents take to finding out what they can do to help their child. During the session Bimal will observe your child and ask you questions about your child and the goals of the family.

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Assessment & Diagnosis

A Psychological Assessment is comprised of a series of tests and other assessment tools to measure and observe a client’s behavior to arrive at a diagnosis or to build a profile of their capabilities and personality.

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Intervention refers to the treatment which is carried out on a regular basis. The intervention approach is geared towards addressing the needs of your child from a developmental level.

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Relationship Development
Intervention® (RDI®)

Developed by Dr Steven Gutstein and Dr Rachelle Sheely, the RDI® program is based on over 20 years of research by experts on the typical development of the human brain and scientific studies on individuals with Autism.

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School Observation

School Observations are useful in obtaining a snapshot of what your child is like within the school setting. If you are concerned about certain behaviours that your child is, or is not, exhibiting, you can request for a school observation.

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Public Speaking & Training

Public education is vital to creating greater awareness of the challenges individuals with special needs face. It helps to open people’s minds and dispel myths.

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